Stainless Steel Welded Pipe

Length:6m or as customer's requirement
Outer diameter:10-219mm
Standard:JIS,AISI,ASTM,GB,DIN,EN ,etc.
Shape:Round,square, rectangular,oval
Delivery time:7-15 working days

Available Grade:

201 202 304 304L
321 316 316L 309S
310S 410 420 430
444 904L 2205 2507

What is stainless steel welded pipe?

Stainless steel welded pipe is a common and crucial component in various industrial, construction, and manufacturing processes. It is made by forming and welding stainless steel, which is an iron alloy with a minimum of 10.5% chromium content by mass. This chromium content gives the steel its notable resistance to corrosion, oxidation, and a wide range of chemicals, making it an ideal material for many applications. 


Outer diameter10.0-219mm
Length6m or as customer's requirement
ShapeRound,square, rectangular,oval
PackagingStandard exporting packing

Available Specification

Product NameExecutive StandardDimensionSteel Code / Steel Grade
Industrial PipesASTM A312, A358, A778
JIS G3459
OD: 1/4"~40"
TP304, TP304L, TP316L, SUS304TP
Tubes for Boiler and Heat-Exchanger,
General Service Tubing
ASTM A249, A269, JIS G3463OD: 15.9~139.8mm
WT: 1.6~5.0mm
TP304, TP304L, TP316L, SUS304TB
Mechanical and Structural TubesASTM A554, JIS G3446OD: 7.9~152.4mm
WT: 0.5~6.5mm
MT304, MT304L, MT316L, MT430
Grade 201, 202 as per mill's STD SUS304
Square TubesASTM A554OD: 12.7x12.7~150x150mm
WT: 0.7~6.5mm
MT304, MT304L, MT316L, MT430
Grade 201, 202 as per mill's STD
Rectangular TubesASTM A554OD: 10x20~100x200mm
WT: 0.7~6.5mm
MT304, MT304L, MT316L, MT430
Grade 201, 202 as per mill's STD
Sanitary TubingASTM A270
JIS G3447
OD: 25.4~165.2mm
WT: 0.8~3.05mm
TP304, TP304L, TP316L, SUS304TBS
Large Gauge Pipes for Ordinary PipingJIS G3448OD: 15.88~318.5mm
WT: 0.8~3.0mm
Large Diameter PipesJIS G3468OD: 14"~40"

Stainless Steel Welded Pipes / Tubes

Applications of Stainless Steel Welded Pipe

Stainless steel welded pipes are used in a wide range of applications due to their corrosion resistance, strength, and durability. Common applications include:

  • Chemical and petrochemical processing equipment

  • Construction and building materials

  • Automotive components

  • Food processing and pharmaceutical equipment

  • Water and wastewater treatment

  • Pulp and paper manufacturing

  • Heat exchangers


Corrosion Resistance: Stainless steel's high chromium content provides excellent resistance to a wide range of corrosive environments.

Strength: High tensile strength, making it suitable for heavy-duty applications.

Hygiene: Easy to clean, making it ideal for food-grade applications.

Aesthetics: Available in various finishes, suitable for architectural applications.

Durability: Long service life with minimal maintenance requirements.

If you have any specific questions about the applications or properties of stainless steel welded pipes, feel free to ask. I'm here to help!

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