Stainless Steel Channels

Sizes:Various Sizes
Length:5m to 12 m

Available Grade:

304 304L 304H 303
316 316L 321 316Ti

Stainless Steel Channels are structural components characterized by a U-shaped cross-section, featuring two parallel legs connected by a vertical web. Manufactured from stainless steel, these channels offer a combination of corrosion resistance, strength, and durability. They come in various sizes and grades, catering to diverse applications across different industries.


SizesVarious Sizes
Length5m to 12 m


Corrosion Resistance: Stainless steel channels exhibit outstanding resistance to corrosion, making them well-suited for applications in corrosive or challenging environments.

Structural Strength: The U-shaped design imparts structural stability and support, making stainless steel channels suitable for a wide range of construction and engineering applications.

Machinability: Stainless steel channels are machinable, allowing for precise cutting and customization to meet specific project requirements.

High Load-Bearing Capacity: Known for their robustness, stainless steel channels can handle significant loads, contributing to their use in various structural applications.

Versatility: Available in different sizes and grades, stainless steel channels are versatile and adaptable, making them suitable for diverse uses in different industries.


Construction and Architecture: Stainless steel channels find applications in constructing building frameworks, support structures, and architectural designs.

Infrastructure Projects: Used in bridges, platforms, and various infrastructure projects where structural support is crucial.

Industrial Machinery: Employed in the manufacturing of machine frames, supports, and structural components.

Support Structures: Utilized for creating support frames, racks, and shelving systems in industrial and commercial settings.

Marine Industry: Resistant to corrosion in marine environments, stainless steel channels are used in shipbuilding and marine structures.

Oil and Gas Sector: Applied in the construction of platforms, walkways, and structural components due to their corrosion resistance.

Automotive Applications: Used in the automotive industry for the construction of vehicle frames and chassis.

Railings and Handrails: Utilized for creating durable and corrosion-resistant railings and handrails in various settings.

In summary, stainless steel channels are versatile structural components widely employed in construction, infrastructure, and diverse industries due to their corrosion resistance, structural strength, and adaptability.

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